Choir: The choir welcomes all members of Grace age 12 and older, to offer praise and thanksgiving through song to our Lord. We sing for church festivals and special occasions. Rehearsals are held on Wednesday from 7:00 – 8:00 pm September through May.

Festival Praise Family: During the months of November, February and May, we have a special service called the “Festival Praise Service.” The music is blended (traditional and contemporary) and it provides our young people and adults an opportunity to play their musical instruments and sing glorious hymns of praise to the Lord. This is open to any WELS member 8th grade and older throughout our area. We have 45 members participating under the direction of
Mr. Craig Kitzrow. Rehearsals are held September through May on Thursday evenings. Choir meets from 6:00 – 7:15 pm and the Instrumentalists from 7:30 – 8:15 pm. If music is your love and talent we are confident that you will enjoy being involved with the Festival Praise Family.

Women’s Ministry: The Women’s Ministry is a wonderful opportunity for our ladies to use their gifts and talents to serve our members at Grace. They visit the sick and shut-ins, pray for our fellow members or others who need our prayers, assist families with luncheons for funerals, care for the altar, provide a Christmas dinner and arrange for guest speakers to come and speak about the work in our WELS synod and various topics that are a benefit for the congregation.

Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society: The Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society (LWMS) is a support group to the WELS missions. The group learns about and then helps in various ways to support our world and home missions. Ladies attend the Fall and Spring Paperland Circuit Rallies and the National Rally in June. All ladies of the congregation are welcome to attend the meetings. Meetings are held at Trinity and Martin Luther Churches in Neenah.

Youth Group: The Youth Group consists of young people from 8th grade through high school. At our gatherings there are Bible Studies, topics of personal interest and fun activities. They also reach out and help members when they need assistance in doing yard work or work around the house.

Men’s Aid: This group of men meets the first Monday of each month, October through May. The meetings are held at Trinity Lutheran Church, Neenah. It is primarily a social gathering for the men among our three WELS congregations in Neenah.

Dartball: Grace is a member of the Winnebago Lutheran Dartball League. Dartball is a game where you throw darts underhand at a board that looks like a baseball diamond. It is played much like baseball. There are 11 teams in the league and all games are played on Thursday evenings at 7:30 pm. The season begins in September and concludes in March.